Client Approach

A combination of our proprietary research, sophisticated database and established contacts built up over many years give us a keen insight into the sectors, their people and how skills and markets are developing. These are fluid, constantly evolving. On behalf of clients we track industry changes, and are able to react quickly to new instructions in an informed way.

We are controlled and discreet in our approaches to candidates and rigorous in the shortlists that we offer to clients. We work hard to keep all sides informed throughout the selection process and follow-up diligently to ensure that we learn from successful hires. The fact that we have established long-term relationships with many of our clients is testament to the way we work and our ability to deliver successful results.

Whilst we have an excellent database, we make no assumptions and ensure we thoroughly cover the market. When speaking to potential candidates our knowledge of the client and the candidate’s background enables us to sell the opportunity effectively, and answer questions regarding potential issues.

As a small business, we can be flexible to suit clients` needs and believe that clients are looking for Gibson-Tullberg to be proactive, to provide the best advice and, where appropriate, innovative solutions with regard to hiring issues. Identification and delivery of high quality candidates who fit the specifications and have cultural sympathy or diversity is critical. Repeat business has been the hallmark of our firm and a key measure of client service and satisfaction.

We have a number of clients with whom we have worked for upwards of 14 years.

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