Career Management

Gibson-Tullberg is particularly interested in making the right appointment at the right time for an individual`s career.

An example of sensible career modelling for a typical Private Banker building a track record around client relationship management, for instance, might look as follows:

Age Event Remarks

25 – 30 Analyst/ Junior RM Gain technical experience and acquire client book
30 – 35 RM role, Tier 1 or 2 bank Develop client book

Option point 1 – Preparing the main career phase

35 – 40 Senior RM/ Team leader Tier 1 Bank Grow client related business

Option point 2 – Main career phase

40 – 45 Regional Head Tier 1/2 Bank or continue growth of a significant client book Maintain client contacts
45 – 50 Head of Private Banking Tier 1/2/3 or AI/MFO

Option point 3 – Own practice, regional practice and commence capital creation plans/exit strategy

50 Р55 CEO/Head of Private Tier 1/2 Banking for geographic operational area or own/investor backed platform

Option point 4 – Retirement/consultancy

Clients relevant to bank or hedge fund/absolute return operation. This phase must realise a capital sum reflecting career achievement.

Obviously there are a variety of permutations, whilst life events will also impact on progression. The key aspect in our view is the achievement of capital creation and/or income maintenance.

This aspect is not the sole confine of the CEO or equity holder. Senior Relationship Managers who hold genuine demonstrable client accounts can trade these in on leaving full-time employment from the broad scale Tier 1-4 institutions.

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